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So, I’ll cave.

It’s 4:35 PM on 14 November, and Egypt faces Algieria later tonight (7:30) in what amounts to one of the year’s most significant matches; Egypt needs to beat her rival North African counterpart by at least two goals in order to qualify for next year’s World Cup. Campaigns have been everywhere; I can scarcely talk to anyone without the subject of the match coming up, and tonight, doubtless, will be eventful one way or another.

Cairo Warden sent out riot warnings to Egyptian expats, telling them to avoid Nasr City and large crowds of people.

I was here a year and a half ago when Egypt won the Africa Cup — the chaos that following the victory was absolutely insane. I mean really, truly, horrifyingly insane. People were using cans of Raid as makeshift blowtorches, setting steel wool on fire and twirling it about so that the sparks flew everywhere. Others did doughnuts on the Corniche, and mobs of people stopped whatever traffic was left altogether. Plates and crockery flew out of houses and onto the streets. It was crazy. It was insane. And everyone there (I remember remarking on this to Mohammad Sharnubi at the time) was stone cold sober.

Tonight — a repeat, perhaps?

Sharnubi told me that if (and I paraphrase) the gods decide on a defeat for Masr, silence generally follows; people spill out of cafes silent as the grave, as if at a funeral.

Only time will tell, gentle readers. Tell you what happens this time tomorrow.


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Norman was wondering why this hasn’t happened to him yet:

Nick George handcuffed after discovery of Arabic flashcards in his carry-on.

I wondered the same.

Presently, I wonder if this is an isolated incident, or if it happens all the time. Indeed, I wonder.

If this were me:

“Excuse me, sir, would you please step this way?”
– Sure thing. I’m just going to call the ACLU first.


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